Film is Not Dead: Charleston

Last month, I took a leap! A rather last minute leap. I bought a Contax 645 and signed up for a Film is Not Dead workshop in Charleston, South Carolina. I didn’t read reviews. I didn’t ask for many details. But, a friend of mine had been to another FIND workshop, and told me that if I was at all interested in switching from digital to film, I needed to go learn from Jonathan Canlas. So, I did. I packed up. Contax. Coffee. Film. And I drove ten hours with zero expectations. All I knew is that I wanted to learn more about film.

No hyperboles. Film is Not Dead changed my life. The other FINDers’ (who are below) portfolios, their stories, their passion, our bond; and Jonathan Canlas himself, the incredibly successful, yet humble man who opens himself up like a book; inspired me to be the photographer I’d forgotten I could be.

Not only did I get a step by step look at film itself, and a run down of every camera and lighting option, and what each would be good for - more importantly, I left with the challenge to find my voice, my purpose, my why. I came home with the drive to explore my life, my city, and the people around me, with my camera, so that I can change people’s lives - with every still life, landscape, and portrait.

The medium that captivated me with photography at the age of 16, made me fall in love with it all over again last month... in a new way. Thank you, Jon.

The amazing people above are (from the top) are: Jonathan Canlas (and others), Jesse & Rachel Leos, Me (Photo by Jonathan Canlas), Catherine Abegg, Aram Stith, Chris & Charity Kale, Becky Zeller, Lucy Taylor, Laura Leslie, John Masters, Virgil Buano, Joey Early, Christina Cochran, Chris & Charity Kale, Meaghan Curry,  Angela Marcaccio (from Richard Photo Lab), Charles and Sally Watts (one of our family models from the week), Jaime Clayton.

From the group shot: John Masters, Barb Shoop, Joey EarlyKatiusca Polanco-Guzman, Becky Zeller, Aram Stith, Julie Manship-Christman, Arunkumar Pennathur, Lucy Taylor, Jesse Leos.

More photos to come.