Summer Workshop Series | Lesson Three on Film Photography

As a part of the Summer Workshop Series with the Dixie Design Collective, I will be hosting a small class on film photography on August 11th. Join me from 2:00 until 5:00 PM for an introductory lesson on film cameras, film stocks, and how to shoot color negative film using natural light. Come ready to practice still lives and portraits with any 35mm or medium format film camera of your own (or contact me for information on renting a camera).

Film will be provided, and at the end of the evening we will drop it off at the new State Film Lab, just down the street. Shop owner Billy Grubbs will give us a tour, share the importance of using a professional lab, and we will leave our film with him to be processed. Your negatives and digital files will be returned to you, along with a complimentary critique from me after two weeks.

Seats for $175 are available here. Reserve your spot today. Big thanks to the Dixie Design Collective and State Film Lab for making it all possible.